We begin from a place that says we have not arrived. We don't know it all, and we haven't gotten it all figured out.

We start by admitting we have hurts, habits, and hang-ups that leave us in a place of great need.

Our confessional understanding is that we all come begging for that which the world beyond this relational body cannot provide.


Having been given a taste of what it is to be made whole again, we actively offer as much as we've been given to others.

We go beyond what we think we are able to because we've received more than we ever imagined.

This is not a forced feeding, but an outreaching offering to those hungry for what we have.


What we've sought for ourselves comes from a place outside of us.

What we've found and been given does not start from within.

Nothing we can offer has its beginnings from our own conception.

Anything that goes out from here is merely an extension of Love's gift to us; more than we can comprehend or imagine alone, and enough to be shared with others.

It is what our Divine Creator has given in Jesus.


This might be physical, emotional, or spiritual in nature; restoring what was once diseased, broken, or unusable.

All healing is done by the power of the Holy Spirit given freely to those who believe.

It is Jesus' victory over sin, sickness, and death that empowers us as disciples to live that victory as we are healed by Him.


Wherever darkness, doubt, and despair live, this need is evident.

Jesus, the Light of the world, brings into clear view all the possibilities that exist beyond those walls.

We are no longer trapped, and so our mission is to free others along our own journey as well.

It is our hope in Jesus' ability to save us (from these things, from the powers of evil, and from ourselves), that we receive and offer to others.


Jesus is the link to a restored right relationship with God, others, ourselves, and the rest of creation.

It is through a living faith in His ability to reconcile all things to Himself that we continue this work.

It is the ministry of all who believe: to love enemies, to pray for those who persecute, and to love the other so much we would choose to die so they could be saved.