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All Christians are commissioned by Jesus to minister. We invite you to check out the five areas of ministry within our congregation. Under each commission you'll find a place where you can connect with God and others, grow in your relationship with Jesus, and serve others.

Here, you're encouraged to connect your gifts and passions with a purposeful ministry.

Come, be freed to move.


A vital part of the ministry that takes place here involves care for all the other ministries through finance, facilities, and non-pastoral staff. Having organized, energetic, and imaginative people is essential. We hope that we've enabled communication to be effective and fun! We'd love to have you join us!

Community Life

Starting from the time you first come, we'll be where you go for pastoral care needs, fellowship, support through small groups, and special assistance that may be needed.We are passionate about bringing life into our faith community! We're always looking for ways to improve vitality in our journey together.


We fully expect questions, and hope you'll be patient as we seek answers together. It's a process of formation that allows all of us to end up better equipped for ministry. Through our Discipleship Classes for all ages, we encourage you to take steps of faith (such as baptism and membership) as we walk beside you on your spiritual journey of understanding your relationship to God, others, yourself, and all of creation.

We're passionate about seeing eyes light up as new learning takes place! Care and space is given for all to seek the healing, hope, and reconciliation we find through Jesus as we study the Bible together.


An essential expression of our faith is to support charitable and mission efforts, locally and worldwide, with both our time and talents. We're a committed Christian congregation from the Anabaptist and Mennonite tradition who actively support Mennonite Mission Network and Mennonite charities. We're also committed members of our community, and it's common to find a volunteer from here donating their time to help our neighbors in Woodford County.


We worship God…Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…as a loving response to Him who first loved us.

We believe that true worship is firmly rooted in Scripture, celebrates our relationship to Jesus Christ, reflects thankfulness and praise for all of God’s creation, and is trans-formative to believers; renewing, uniting, and creating deeper community among us (near and far).

We believe that worship and life are intimately connected and that our faith both grows and is challenged in worship.

We strive to: 

  • Encourage and use the gifts of congregants intergenerationally in worship.

  • As much as possible, reach all the senses with music, drama, art, testimonies, & scripture.

  • Value the sharing of gifts over perfection of performance.

You're invited to worship with us. We're also privileged to share our services with you here.