Board Responsibilities

On its behalf, the congregation grants authority to the Board to govern.

The Board’s responsibilities include:

• oversight of congregational vision, goal setting and strategic planning processes;

• oversight of Pastoral Team, including responsibilities, evaluation, salary and benefits, Full Time Equivalent (FTE) distribution, and personnel policy;

• oversight of Spiritual Gift Discernment Committee;

• recommendation of the budget (from the Administration Commission) to the congregation;

• oversight of congregational meetings, including discernment of agenda in consultation with the Pastoral Team;

• representation of the congregation in legal matters;

• annual evaluation of its work through feedback from the congregation;

• Affirmation and oversight of the organization officers.

• Approval of the Treasurer proposed by the Administration Commission.

Board Statements

Statement of Intent to Dismantle Racism

As a congregation with the mission of seeking and extending God’s healing, hope, and reconciliation, we recognize that we have been complicit in white privilege in the suppression of those in the black, indigenous, and “people of color” communities. We acknowledge that we have been impeded by attitudes and behaviors that deny or suppress others. We commit to self-examination to address wrongs we have done and to adopt a posture of welcome and advocacy.