our history

Settlers from Ohio, Alsace-Lorraine, and Germany settled in the vicinity in 1829, including David Schertz, the first minister. In 1875 the first frame church was erected and dedicated. This was replaced by a brick church in 1920 with a seating capacity of 185, which was enlarged in 1957 to accommodate 325. The majority of the members were farmers, active and retired. The outstanding early bishop was John Smith (1843-1906), ordained preacher 1887, bishop about 1890. Ezra Yordy, of Eureka, was ordained bishop on September 25,1925, and served until 1957. The membership in 1958 was 316, and has fluctuated since that time. John L. Harnish, ordained minister on 24 December 1922, served until 1952. Wesley Jantz became pastor in 1957.

New additions and upgrades to the building, and grounds around it, have been consistently improving both usability and accessibility; with major building additions occurring in 1990 and 2000. There continues to be a desire to better equip those ministering with an environment conducive of reflecting honoring worship.

While structures, both physical and systemic, have changed over a time spanning across three centuries, Roanoke Mennonite Church has consistently remained an integral part of the faith community serving Woodford County and the surrounding areas in central Illinois.