Sunday Worship services during the month of July will take place outdoors! Please bring a lawn chair to join us!

Please click this link to see what to expect, and how we function together to care for all who gather.

We offer a Live Zoom connection for those who regularly gather but are not able to be present.

Contact us via email or Facebook messenger to request information needed to join us live on Zoom.

Alternatively, you may join us each week via YouTubeFacebook, or here on this site for the message!

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Roanoke Mennonite Church is committed to following Jesus Christ in our daily living. As a member of the Mennonite Church USA, we support each other in worship, nurture each other through fellowship, and share God’s love and peace in our communities and beyond.

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the word: spoken and heard

Our most recent conversation with God and each other about God's desire for our lives.