In-Person Service Attendance Expectations

We want to let you know how we are worshiping together in-person right now.

We have consulted with the Illinois Mennonite Conference and have reviewed guidelines from the Illinois Department of Public Health. And we have kept up to date with current understandings.

Our congregation’s plan is forged around what we hope to be in the best interests of everyone.

Below are the guidelines.

  • Before coming:

    • Expect that your time at church will not feel the same

    • Expect that you will have to give up some pride in order to offer, with humility, sanctuary space to all who choose to do so, in love

    • Expect that you will need to function differently than before Covid-19

    • Expect that you will continue to be welcomed, loved, and encouraged to honor, worship, and reveal God in, with, and through, your entire being

  • Arrival:

    • Arrive 10-20 minutes ahead of service if not helping with check-in

    • Only use the entrance on the west side of the building (carport/tree line)

    • Put on your mask before approaching the entrance

    • Expect to wait to enter as people keep 6 feet of spacing

    • Move toward the sanctuary after entering the building (don’t bother with nametags)

  • Sanctuary Narthex:

    • Drop off prayer requests/praises in appropriate container

    • Drop off donation in appropriate container

    • Pick up order of service & any other needed materials

  • Seating:

    • Only enter seating areas from points open to do so

    • Households are required to sit together in one bench

    • Remain seated until released at the end of the service unless it is an emergency

  • Service:

    • You may follow along in the hymnals, but no singing, during songs

    • Everyone except the one speaking up front will remain masked (children under 2 are an exception)

  • Post Service:

    • Please exit the sanctuary in a physically distanced manner by household (watching to maintain at least 6 feet of space)

    • Move directly to the exits without lingering inside (Go in Peace)

    • You are welcome and encouraged to greet each other, bless each other, and fellowship together once outside (in a physically distant manner – which honors the needs and preferences of those with whom you speak)