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Online With The Holy Spirit

We get online, most of us, daily, sometimes hourly. How often do we get Online with the Holy Spirit? How do we do it? What is God the Holy Spirit like? How do we recognize the Holy Spirit’s work?

Network Server SERIES Network Server

February 8, 2015
Mary Kennell
Holy Spirit
I Corinthians 12:1-26

Storming Into February SERIES Storming Into February

February 1, 2015
Church Canceled Due to Weather
Ecclesiastes 3:1.

Power Source SERIES Power Source

January 25, 2015
Bryan Miller
Holy Spirit
Acts 6

Unlimited Access SERIES Unlimited Access

January 18, 2015
Bryan Miller
Holy Spirit
John 14:15-27

Life's "On" Button SERIES Life's "On" Button

January 11, 2015
Bryan Miller
No Recording
Psalm 104:1-30