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God's Steadfast Love Endures Forever SERIES God's Steadfast Love Endures Forever

April 14, 2019
April McClure Stewart

God Makes a Way Through Mighty Waters SERIES God Makes a Way Through Mighty Waters

April 7, 2019
Bryan Miller
God With Us

God Reaches Out With Open Arms SERIES God Reaches Out With Open Arms

March 31, 2019
Bryan Miller

God Pours Out Life-giving Drink SERIES God Pours Out Life-giving Drink

March 24, 2019
Bryan Miller


Blessed Hunger, Holy Feast

While a recurring theme of human emptiness persists, we are struck by the contrast of the satisfaction and fulfillment God longs to provide

Non-series 2019

Non-series 2019

Journey Forward

A renewal process of engaging in Scripture, storytelling, and sharing how God is at work in the lives of people and congregations of MC USA

Adent 2018

Advent is a time for us to remember where Jesus enters God's story and our own stories, living righteously as we seek God's plan for us.

Christ The King

Christ is the King

Seeking The Kingdom

Seek First the Kingdom of God

Practicing Faith

The Spiritual practices, or spiritual disciplines, that draw each of us into a living relationship with God.

No Longer Strangers

Walking through Ephesians and learning how to be a community worthy of the gospel, and now, in Christ Jesus...No Longer Strangers

Show & Tell

A true testimony involves speaking & living. It's a Show & Tell understanding of evangelism, of witnessing to the good news of Jesus Christ

Can I Get A Witness?

How does a community of believers see itself in light of God's Spirit breathed on them through Jesus?

Between Me & You

Responding to God's singular covenant for all, by how we relate to God, others, ourselves, and the rest of creation.

Generous Living In A Self-centered World: Biblical Models of Generosity

Biblical Models of Generosity in Scripture

Advent 2017 - Yes! Let It Be!

Advent prayer of active commitment

Bind Us Together

We can develop better relationships with sisters and brothers in our city, who are also persons of a marginalized group.

Non-Series 2017

Non-series sermons

Restore Us, O God!

Lent 2017- Restoring Us to right relationship with God

Resolving Everyday Conflict

Learn the tools you need to bring peace to your relationships.

The Holy Way

Our invitation this year is to walk in the way of God's heart.

Non-Series - 2016

Non-Series sermons

The Art Of Neighboring

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Living Ink - Lenten series

Times of darkness require glimpses of light to help us carry on.

Finding Our True Selves In Jesus

Would your spiritual life change if you were comfortable bringing all of who you are to God? Would your relationships change?

Freedom Bound

The Paths to be Freedom Bound

Foundational Scriptures

12 Scriptures, Chosen by the Congregation, that we believe reflect who we are, and how we desire to live out our faith in Christ.

Sharing Living Words

Congregants Sharing Favorite Scriptures and their testimonies

Guiding Scriptures

Life Giving Scriptures of the Pastoral Team

Upside Down & Inside Out

God is not content to leave us just as we are, but instead turns our expectations and understandings inside out and upside down.

Online With The Holy Spirit

We get online, most of us, daily, sometimes hourly. How often do we get Online with the Holy Spirit?

Advent - 2014

To prepare our hearts & minds to celebrate Christ's birth & what it means in God's dream for today.

The Good & Beautiful God

Our understandings of God can come from a long line of false narratives. To correct this, we need to look at how Jesus describes God.

The Early Church, Our Church

Journey together as we follow Paul's travels through seven cities; seeing how The Early Church, was much like Our Church.

Non-Series: 2014

Non-series sermons

Encountering God: What Have We Witnessed...

There are many different ways we discover God. This is a look at life situations where God is found.

The Good & Beautiful Community

Christians ought to be different because the living, "peculiar" God abides in them.

The Mystery of God's Dwelling

God with us, in us, and through us.

The Good & Beautiful Life

Discovering God's intended good for our lives through the message of Jesus.