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"I love my church. Its new website details what you will find there, but I'd like to add a few things: you will find people who have lived and worked all over the world in service of others; you will find people with a sophisticated understanding of poverty, economics, and political forces; you will find exemplars of lives well lived, tragedies both averted and survived, shared joys and burdens.

You will find intellectuals, artists, musicians, scientists, farmers, nurses, teachers, young and old. You will find a church with both deep roots and wide branches, capable of welcoming people Not Like Them.

You will find joy, and music, and support, challenges, welcome, and friendship. This whole faith thing is a struggle for me, and this place helps me integrate that struggle into my continuing pursuit of the love and goodness that is God."

- Gina Cooke via Roanoke Mennonite Church


"It's a great place to worship!"

- Lynn Kennell via Roanoke Mennonite Church