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First Two Resolutions

Posted by Ariel Boehr on OP5er @ 5:15 PM
  • The Faithful Witness Amidst Endless War Resolution passed on Wednesday with broad support. The resolution specifically addresses drone warfare, and "calls the agencies, educational institutions and conferences affiliated with Mennonite Church USA to ministries of healing and renewal in response to the moral injuries experienced by those who feel the guilt for having killed in the name of security and experienced by those who feel no guilt for the killing done on their behalf (John 8:11; Amos 5:21-24)." It was an important commitment to peace, and a very uncomfortable reminder that we sometimes trust violence instead of Jesus for our security.
  • The delegate body also discussed the Israel-Palestine Resolution on Wednesday. Concerns were raised about the arrogant tone of the document, considering the Unites States' weighty role in this conflict. Questions were also asked about how realistic it might be to actually follow the call "to consider how our financial lives are enmeshed in the policies of occupation through our investments, individual purchases and tax dollars." And some delegates were concerned that the document was too one-sided, only in support of the Palestinians. Instead of voting on the resolution, the delegate body tabled the resolution until 2017. I personally fear that 2017 is too long to wait, and I mourn that we didn't respond in some way to the Palestinian cry for help. 
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